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As far as social networks go, it is clear that there is always some way for others to tell you they appreciate what you have posted, or uploaded, or shared; and Instagram is no different in that way. “Likes” are the Instagram way of saying your upload is interesting, good, and people enjoyed it. Your followers (some buy instagram followers instead of natural followers) are the people who will like your posts; it is their way of letting you know they enjoyed your post and truly “liked” it. Without likes there would almost be no reason to upload; if you’re not able to know whether or not your followers adore your upload, then what was the point of posting it for them? Also, liking another person’s post is easy as 1, 2, 3; simply click the button in the bottom left corner that says “Like” with the little heart shape next to it, or simply double tap the picture or video itself. When you have liked that post the little heart next to the word “Like” should turn red and that is all there is to it! It takes mere seconds to like someone’s upload, so why not share the love (or, rather, the “like”) and go “like” people’s posts now! One last tip, “liking” other user’s posts will help get more “likes” to come your way!

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